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from: Eastern Africa


Kachumbari could almost be called East African cole slaw -- it is a mixture of chopped or shredded vegetables that is prepared ahead of time and served cold. The most basic version is onions and tomatoes in a vinegar or lemon juice dressing; cabbage, chile peppers, and other vegetables are often included.

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If raw onion is not to your liking, try one of the following: (1) soak the chopped raw onion in salted water for a few minutes then squeeze the water and onion juice from the onion by pressing it in a sieve or a clean cloth, repeat if desired, or (2) place the chopped onion in a sieve or colander and pour a few cups of boiling water through it, then let drip dry.

Bill Bryson

Jubilee Market is an extraordinary place

A short book, Bill Bryson's African Diary, records a quick trip to Kenya that Bill Bryson made at the invitation of CARE International to see some of that organization's work to eradicate poverty. On October 3, 2002, Bryson visited the city of Kisumu, in western Kenya, where he was much impressed by the Jubilee Market. (Profits from Bill Bryson's African Diary support CARE).

Jubilee Market is an extraordinary place -- crowded, noisy, extremely colorful -- with large, open-sided halls specializing in wet fish, dried fish, vegetables, nuts and other farm commodities. I had never seen such lucious produce more beautifully arrayed. Every stall was a picture of abundancec and sumptuousness, every peanut and tomato and chili pepper more neatly arrangeed and more richly coloreed than any I had seen before anywhere. It seemed impossible that people so poor could enjoy such plenty. I asked Adam Koons, CARE's chief of operations for western Kenya, if it was as good as it lookeedd. "Oh, yeah," he said. My wife and I do our own food shopping here. Kenyan's haven't got much money, but they are very particular about their food.

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