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Snack Recipes

young snack vendorThe snack food recipes category contains recipes for dishes that are "African fast food", or finger-food, that are often sold by street vendors. Some of them are also made at home and eaten for breakfast, snacks, or as appetizers or accompaniments to meals. Many of these snack foods are deep-fried, while the typical African main-course is most likely to be stewed in a pot. (The typical traditional African meal is a soup or stew served with a staple without any side dishes.)

Fried Plantains and grilled Corn on the Cob are two other popular street foods.

Also included here are non-African desserts that have become popular in Africa, and desserts that have nothing to do with Africa (except their name).

Coconut Pie
Congo Bars
Dabo Kolo
Fruit Salad
Kola Nut
Sugar Peanuts

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