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Coconut Pie

Coconut Pie is an international dessert favorite. It's debatable whether there is an "African-style" coconut pie. The same basic coconut pie recipes that developed in the southeastern United States and the Caribbean are now known all over the world, including Africa. In Africa, coconut pie was first made by European settlers and colonists and their descendents. It was (and is) served to visitors in Africa's hotels, restaurants, and game reserves. Coconut pie recipes appear in many African cookbooks, including those written by African authors and published in Africa. One African contribution to the coconut pie repertoire, which comes from South Africa, is the addition of apricot jam, while leaving out the milk.

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Some recipes from South Africa also call for apricot jam in sosaties (skewered marinated lamb) as well as in "Klappertert" their coconut pie. See the Rare Recipes excerpts from Laurens van der Post.

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