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from: Central Africa | cooking method: pan frying

Sauce aux Champignons et Citron (Mushroom and Lemon Sauce)

In the Congo region, this sauce is made with wild mushrooms and green lemon. Since African mushrooms may not be available outside of Africa, substitute your favorite edible mushrooms. Serve this sauce over any roasted or grilled meat.

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African Proverb

Obi ntu mere ensie siw so. (Oji) : Nobody gathering mushrooms replaces them on the ant-hill. N.B. -- Mushrooms most frequently grown on ant-hills, the red-clay structures of the termites, conical heaps 8 to 12 feet high : therefore the first person coming to the place would apprepriate them, not thinking they belonged to anybody.
  (from: Wit and Wisdom from West Africa, Richard Francis Burton)

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