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from: Central Africa | cooking method: boiling-simmering

Moambé Sauce / Nyembwe Sauce

Palm nuts, the fruit of the African oil palm, are available only in the tropics. Moambé (or Mwambe) or Nyembwe Sauce (also called Palm Butter) is made by boiling the palm nuts fruits and discarding the skin and nut kernels; the remaining oily reddish pulp is the moambé or nyembwe sauce (or palm butter, as it is known in English). Straining out the pulp leaves Africa's famous red palm oil. Western Africa has many Palm Butter Soup recipes. Since fresh palm nuts are not available outside the tropics, canned palm soup base, also called sauce graine or noix de palme may be substituted for homemade.

palm nuts, fruit of african oil palm tree

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African Proverb

Abe berre-a, woso fa miso fa. (Oji) : When the palm-nuts are ripe, you carry half, I carry half. N.B. -- Each of us must take an equal share of the trouble as well as the produce.
  (from: Wit and Wisdom from West Africa, Richard Francis Burton)

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