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from: Western Africa | cooking method: boiling-simmering

Ceebu Jën (Rice and Fish)

Ceebu Jën is one of Senegal's classic dishes. There are dozens of possible variations; use this recipe as a starting point and put in whatever you like or leave out what you don't.
There are three steps to making Ceebu Jën:

The fish, vegetables, rice (including the scrapings from the bottom of the pot, called xooñ), and cooking liquid are combined for a grand presentation.

west african woman with basket

What you need

What you do

Fish -- stuffed with onions or peppers, and fried -- is common in many African countries along the Atlantic coast; see: Fish & Onions in Tomato Sauce and Mulet Farci à la Saint-Louisienne.

How's that spelled?

Ceebu Jën (from the Wolof ceeb, rice; and jën, fish; pronounced cheb-o-djin) is also spelled Ceebu Jen, Ceeb bu jen, Ceeb u jen, Thebouidienne, Thieboudienne, Theibou Dienn, Thiebou Dienn, Thiebou Dienne, Thiebou Dienne, Thiébou dieune, Tié bou dienne, Thieb-ou-Djien, Thiebu Djen and sometimes just called Thieb or in French, Riz au Poisson; all are names for the same dish.

As the Ceebu Jën recipe spread beyond the borders of the Wolof empire (in today's Senegal) and was adapted to use meat instead of fish, it became Western Africa's "Wolof Rice" or Jollof Rice.

Another classic Senegalese dish is Poulet Yassa.

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