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from: Western Africa | cooking method: boiling-simmering


Benachin is a "one-pot" dish related to Jollof Rice and Ceebu Jën. They are all "rice and . . . " dishes, i.e., rice and whatever else is available that strikes the cook's fancy. The most common method of preparing Benachin is to cook the ingredients in a large pot, starting with whatever needs the longest cooking time, then adding the rice and any additional liquid needed and simmering until the rice is done. Sometimes, the rice is steamed in a colander which is placed over the fish and vegetables while they are cooking, then it is stirred in with the rest to finish cooking. Alternately, the fish and vegetables are removed from the pot, and the rice is cooked in the remaining liquid, then the fish and vegetables gently stirred into the rice. This is a fish Benachin recipe, but chicken or beef could also be used.

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