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published sources about African cooking, food, and gastronomy


The Congo Cookbook's recipe pages contain many excerpts pertaining to African cooking and food from a variety of published sources. This page lists selected excerpts by author, along with a brief description of the excerpt and a link to the page containing it.

Also see the excerpts from antique African cookbooks: Rare Recipes.

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student in ghana

- Anon

Chinua Achebe

Leo Africanus

Maya Angelou

Thomas Astley

Samuel White Baker

Ibn Battuta

Joan Beech

Peter Biddlecombe

Emily G. Bradley

Bill Bryson

Richard Francis Burton

William T. Close

Maryse Condé

Buchi Emecheta

Olaudah Equiano

Family Advisory Board of the CIA

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

James George Frazer

Ewart S. Grogan

James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw

Jean-Pierre Hallet

Eddy L. Harris

Ernest Hemingway

Paul Hoefler

Elspeth Huxley


Phyllis M. Kaberry

Ryszard Kapuscinski

Mary Henrietta Kingsley

Mark Kurlansky

M. Largeau


David Livingstone

Nelson Mandela

Peter Matthiessen

Margaret Meyers

Nick Middleton

Robert Milligan

Robert Hamill Nassau

Ben Okri

Sembene Ousmane

Mungo Park

Filippo Pigafetta

Joseph H. Reading

Theodore Roosevelt

Emily Ruete

Isobel Ryan

Wole Soyinka

John Hanning Speke

The Ghana Government

Richard Trench

Laurens van der Post

Philippe Wamba

Herbert Ward

Alice Werner

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