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Other Foods & Recipes

Please see the Sitemap for a listing of African recipes by main ingredient. This page contains links to recipes which do not fit in the main categories.

hunter with bushbuck, south africa

The foods described on these pages might upset some people. The purpose of this page is to document, not promote. Furthermore, it should be remembered that Africa is a very large place (more than three times the size of the United States), with a tremendous variety of cultures and traditions. For the most part it is incorrect to speak of "Africans" eating one thing or another: there is almost nothing that all Africans eat. Rather, certain African people may have one culinary tradition, while other African people have other traditions. If anything here offends you, remember every ethnic group has its own culinary customs that may seem odd to others. For example, certain Europeans eat frog legs, horsemeat, snails, and blood-sausages.

Cane Rat
Cow Blood

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