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from: Central Africa | cooking method: boiling-simmering

Wild Boar in Groundnut Sauce

In Africa, the term bushmeat is applied to any game caught in the wild. Wild boar (or wild pig) is a popular bushmeat in Africa (except among Muslims). If you don't have any wild boar on hand, substitute any other game or pork.

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Ben Okri

The aroma of the marvellous cooking overpowered the room

Wild Boar and other Nigerian dishes are served at a celebration described in Ben Okri's The Famished Road (New York: Doubleday, 1992).

Then the women began the cooking of the wild animal [a boar] that Dad had caught in the forest.
When the meat was cooking, on another fire a great pan was sizzling with oil. The whole compound smelt of aromatic stew, peppers, onions, wild earthy herbs, and frying bushmeat.
. . .
Then to our delight a woman appeared at the door, sounding a heraldic song. Mum came in with three women, carrying a great steaming pot of stew. Behind her were three more women, bearing basins of jollof rice, yams, beans, eba, and fried plantains. Children brought in paper plates and plastic cutlery. The aroma of the marvellous cooking overpowered the room. (Section One, Book One, Chapter Ten)

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African Proverb

Ogan imado ko se iko li oju. (Yoruba) : The great wild boar is not easy to encounter. N.B. -- Said to one who undertakes an impossibility.
  (from: Wit and Wisdom from West Africa, Richard Francis Burton)

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