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from: Central Africa | cooking method: broiling-grilling

Coupé-Coupé (Central African barbecue)

Coupé-Coupé (from the French couper, meaning to cut or to slice) is Central Africa's version of barbecue, perhaps a distant relation of the famous South Carolina and Texas barbecues. Beef, usually tougher, less expensive cuts like brisket, flank, or shoulder, are marinated in Maggi sauce and cayenne pepper and then slow cooked over a charcoal fire. Coupé-Coupé, sold with a french baguette to make a sandwich, is usually found in urban areas. Vendors start grilling early in the morning so as to have the Coupé-Coupé ready for their clientele at lunchtime.

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Echo-words Echo-words, words formed by repeating one or more syllables, are common in Bantu languages in Sub-Saharan Africa. Many other languages also have echo-words, for example, aye-aye, boo-boo, bon-bon, can-can, dum-dum, et cetera. Coupé-Coupé is an example of reduplication, a type of echo-word formation where a word is repeated to form another word. (Coupé is the past participle of the French verb couper, to cut). Reduplications are echo-words, but not all echo-words are reduplications. The basic unit of the reduplication has to be a word itself. In some cases, reduplications indicate the plural. Other African echo-words (but not necessarily reduplications) are: Boko-Boko; Coupé-Coupé; Fufu; Kuku (chicken); Moyin-Moyin; Peri-Peri; pikipiki (motorcycle) ; Pili-Pili; rasha-rasha (to sprinkle, rain); Saka-Saka; sawa-sawa (the same).

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