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The Congo Cookbook sitemap has recipe links organized by category. If you want to know which recipes use a particular ingredient, see the Recipes by Ingredient index. To see where the recipes come from, see the Recipes by Country & Region index. Or . . .

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The Top Twenty-Five Congo Cookbook Searches (for all of 2006):

  1. tagine - a North-African dish, see Tagine of Chicken, Preserved Lemon, & Olives
  2. fufu - a staple food, see Fufu
  3. cassava - both the leaves and tubers are used in various African Recipes
  4. congo - see recipes from Congo (both of them)
  5. bread - search for bread on
  6. mandazi - a Swahili fried-bread treat, Mandazi
  7. somalia - search for somalia on
  8. desserts - see Dessert
  9. senegal - see recipes from Western Africa
  10. injera - search for injera
  11. yams - Yams
  12. congo bars - not really African, but here's a recipe: Congo Bars - Congo Squares
  13. meat pie - see Pastels
  14. zebra - see Bushmeat
  15. sambusa - sorry, no recipe yet
  16. okra - see the Recipes by Ingredient index
  17. sudan - search for Sudan on this website
  18. dessert - see Dessert
  19. uganda - see Recipes from Eastern Africa
  20. plantains - see Plantains
  21. fried rice - well, there are other Rice Recipes
  22. chapati - see Chapati
  23. fool - see Fool and Fool Medames
  24. cookies - sorry, no recipes for African cookies; see the Snack Recipes
  25. rwanda - search for Rwanda

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