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if you are going to Africa for two years

Peace Corps: What to Bring?

So you have been accepted into the Peace Corps and are planning to live in Africa (or somewhere else far from home) for two years. What to pack? What should you bring with you? Besides clothes and shoes?  imperial airwaysIt's hard to generalize, as living conditions and the availability of consumer goods vary from one country to another. The Peace Corps office will give you some guidance. Remember, whatever you bring, you will have to carry it, often on public transportation -- so packing as lightly as possible is a good idea. Also keep in mind that theft may be a real possibility, especially for expensive, high-tech electronics.

Of course you should bring some knowledge with you, so find some books about the country in which you will be working: history, literature, art, music, politics. A few books about the Peace Corps experience are: So You Want to Join the Peace Corps: What to Know Before You Go (Dillon Banerjee) ; Living Poor: A Peace Corps Chronicle (Moritz Thomsen) ; The Village of Waiting (George Packer) ; The Last Camel: True Stories About Somalia (Jeanne D'Haem) ; Younger Than That Now: A Peace Corps Volunteer Remembers Morocco (Michael Moran) ; and (an especially good book:) The Ponds of Kalambayi (Mike Tidwell).

Here are a few things you might want to consider bringing (but don't think you need all of them):

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